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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
3 Credits
Instructor: Eric Nesbitt, Esq.
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Cost: $30.00

Commercial real estate is any property owned to produce income, including office, industrial, retail, mixed-use, medical office, entertainment and educational facilities. It also includes vacant land that will eventually be leased or developed. 

This course is for individuals interested in entering the commercial real estate field. The course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of commercial real estate, including property types, financials, and valuation. It covers the four major property types: multi-family, office, retail, and industrial. Brokers are presented with an overview of the major differences between commercial real estate and personal use real estate. Topics include the common agent activities found in the commercial real estate marketplace, including leasing, sale, development, property management, and financing; the financial factors in commercial real estate investments; and discussion of the common rules of thumb, including cost per square foot, gross rent multiplier, capitalization rate, and the cash on cash return. Brokers also learn common lender terminology that applies to commercial real estate, the types of loans available, and an understanding of the concept of leverage.

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