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Cox Education Instructors


About Damian Cox, Esq.

Damian Cox has practiced in the real estate industry for over twenty years, initially as a real estate broker for seven years, and then as an attorney. He has served on multiple Real Estate Commission committees and task forces (including the forms and education committees), worked closely with the Attorney General’s office, the Colorado BAR’s Real Estate Section and CAR drafting legislation.  He represents more than thirty real estate brokerage firms consisting of more than 3,000 real estate brokers across Colorado.  

Seeing a need for better/more variety in broker continuing education, Damian started Cox Education, LLC.  Cox Education offers a wide variety of state-approved real estate broker continuing education. Thousands of real estate brokers throughout the state of Colorado turn to Cox Education for their continuing education requirements. Cox Education real estate courses are designed and taught by industry experts, and enable brokers to stay current with their CE requirements. 

Damian is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver.  

A native of Colorado, Damian currently resides in Castle Rock. He is happily married to his loving wife Jill Cox, who is a Sales Executive at Heritage Title Company, and they both dote on their young son Brady. 

Cox Education Instructors

Nathan Adams photo

Nathan Adams

Keith Alba photo

Keith Alba

Brie Aljets photo

Brie Aljets

Mitch Bevans photo

Mitch Bevans

Gabe Bodner photo

Gabe Bodner

Matt Carpenter photo

Matt Carpenter

Darrel Cates photo

Darrel Cates

Scott A. Clark, Esq. photo

Scott A. Clark, Esq.

Debbie Conner photo

Debbie Conner

Sandy Cooper photo

Sandy Cooper

Gabe Gelman, Esq. photo

Gabe Gelman, Esq.

Tony Greer photo

Tony Greer

Randy Hay photo

Randy Hay

Paul Luchau photo

Paul Luchau

Rob Lynde photo

Rob Lynde

Tony Marietta photo

Tony Marietta

Jordan May, Esq. photo

Jordan May, Esq.

Diana Mendez, Esq. photo

Diana Mendez, Esq.

James M. Meseck, Esq. photo

James M. Meseck, Esq.

Jeff Morris photo

Jeff Morris

Amy Mowry, Esq. photo

Amy Mowry, Esq.

Pete Muccio, Esq. photo

Pete Muccio, Esq.

Brady Mullen photo

Brady Mullen

Eric Nesbitt, Esq. photo

Eric Nesbitt, Esq.

Amanda Potter photo

Amanda Potter

Nate Rees photo

Nate Rees

Alla Rubinstein photo

Alla Rubinstein

Scott Sammons photo

Scott Sammons

Ray Sherman photo

Ray Sherman

Will Story photo

Will Story

Whitney Sweet photo

Whitney Sweet

Matt Thomson photo

Matt Thomson

Jon Tjornehoj, esq. photo

Jon Tjornehoj, esq.

Kellie Van Hilten photo

Kellie Van Hilten

Susan Vencill photo

Susan Vencill

Chris Venne photo

Chris Venne

Charity Vermeer photo

Charity Vermeer

Mariana Wagner photo

Mariana Wagner

Roxane Webster photo

Roxane Webster

Kimberly Wills photo

Kimberly Wills

Faith Young photo

Faith Young