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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
2 Credits
Instructor: Alla Rubinstein
Zoom Class

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Cost: $20.00

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain in Real Estate: The Future Agent. Blockchain technology is gaining traction and being adopted for use by real estate industry. Real Estate professionals are finding that blockchain-based applications such as smart contracts can play a much larger role in their industry. Blockchain technology can potentially transform and simplify core operations of property transactions including purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management aspects.

This course will guide you through the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain as they pertain to real estate. Learn what role this new form of money is playing in real estate transactions and why it may be relevant to your clients. Agents will gain a better understanding of how clients might want to leverage this new technology in the real estate transaction process and the resources available. The class will cover real-world examples in lending, escrow, title, and more. Upon taking this course agents and brokers will understand the use of digital assets so they can better converse with and advise clients about the transaction options available in real estate.

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Zoom Class